Monday, June 25, 2012

Crazy @%%&^ Life in a Pond

Creation Groans was on Saturday, and it was a huge success.  As part of the day, I brought out my microscope and showed life in a drop of water, as an example of my 'Ecological Happy Place'.  Below are some videos that I took the day before and after the event, of some really amazing creatures.

Most of these were taken with the 10x lens.

Anyone have any idea what this is?  I haven't the foggiest!

The amazing creature below is a rotifer.  Watch the video, and you will see it feeding.  You haven't lived until you've seen a rotifer feeding!

My gut tells me that the long-tailed creature below is another species of rotifer.  But it seems to have a red eye?

Nope, no clue.  The closest I can find is the amoeba Arcella.  I know its not a very, very small jellyfish, although it certainly looks like one.

This is my favourite, in part because there is not mistaking this creature.  It is a dinoflagellate known as Ceratium hirundinella.

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