Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Morning Comics

Hi all!  I've been spending a lot of time on here writing about science instead of science and religion (although I would argue that to discuss science and religion, religious people need to understand science, and scientists need to understand religion, which is what motivates these posts), so as I prepare to leave Quebec I wanted to share a science/religion comic with you.  I find these things all over the internet, and I am amassing a collection of them.  I'll post one from time to time.  

I find these comics really helpful for engaging in discussion.  They often contain a lot of lessons about how one particular perspective views another perspective.  There are comics from atheists targeting creationists, creationists targeting evolutionists, Young Earth poking fun at Old Earth, theistic evolutionists mocking Intelligent Design, etc etc etc.  Here is one from a website that features a lot of really clever science comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, some of them from an evolutionary perspective. (Know that I don't endorse this site or its contents, I just find a lot of it really funny).

Look at the tie and the blue jacket of the Creationist, and the way he admits with a big wide grin the 'flaws in his argument' without backing down from his perspective.  That tells you something about how the public views Creationists.  And is that a human riding a tyrannosaur in the background?

Enjoy your day everyone!

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