Friday, February 04, 2011

The Great Invisible Pale Blue Dot, and Slug Sex

This weekend I am extracting RNA (it is 8:30 pm on a Friday night and just now have a 15 minute break as my RNA precipitates in isopropanol) and simply could not write a lengthy article, which I am sure upsets you all.  But never fear!  I wouldn't leave you with nothing.  So below are two fascinating videos.  It is your homework to watch them and reflect on their theological significance.

For the first video, the first Youtube comment was '266 evangelical christians were scared off by this video.'  Why would someone immediately think negatively about evangelical Christianity when seeing this video?  Is there anything in it for evangelicals to fear?

What is the theological significance of this video?  I promise you, one exists.


Matthew said...

So, funny story. I remembered seeing the slug video a while back and thinking it was amazing. So I posted it here, thinking the theological ramifications would be about beauty in creation. Watching it again, I now see that the matter is a bit deeper than that, and I am sure it has caused you to reflect on the theology of sexuality, gender, and to what extent the amorality of the animal kingdom is meant to influence our own moral views. Is our morality a product of evolutionary biology, or is there more to it? Sheesh, I just wanted to show you slug sex.

Keith Shields said...

Yet, both videos point to beauty in creation and cause me to marvel at our God who has created an immense universe with such great diversity of life and diversity of physical worlds. We cannot fathom what is out there yet to be discovered by our small human minds.