Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symphony of Science

After that massive 'Chaos and the Deep' article, my brain is fried.  So instead, enjoy an entertaining music video featuring real scientisits stating metaphysical perspectives to a catchy beat. You can view more at Symphony of Science.


Keith Shields said...

My favourite line is, "It's a very wuzzy line; and its getting wuzzier all the time." I don't disagree with any of it and yet I disagree with all of it. The problem for all of us is that there is a limit to our knowledge. Scientists and theologians both have limits and each need to learn from the other. We need to learn each other's languages. For example, Francis Collins is one who has learned multiple languages. (http://www.amazon.ca/Language-God-Scientist-Presents-Evidence/dp/1416542744/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295654039&sr=8-1)

Matthew said...

And yet, I know many scientists who don't think it is even worth trying. Thanks for linking to my blog Keith! (And please note, I returned the favour).
I really do love this video. Who knew Carl Sagan's voice could be turned into a work of art? Or should I say, 'intelligently designed'?

Keith Shields said...

I am glad you are writing this blog. I see potential for much conversation.